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JANUARY 20th - Birmingham Symphony hall, Nashville Sounds in the Round - YEO & JORY



FEBRUARY 15th - Chapel Arts Centre,  Bath - YEO & JORY

FEBRUARY 24th - Blackmore Theatre, Exmouth - YEO& JORY

MARCH 2nd - St. Braivels Assembly Room, Ross On Wye - YEO & JORY

MARCH 29th - Barbican Theatre, PLYMOUTH - YEO & JORY

APRIL 24th - Ashburton Arts Centre, Music Festival - YEO & JORY

The West Country Music Festival

10th August 2024

As a Festival obsessive Sarah, who's love of festivals began at the biggest of all, Glastonbury, has always felt a strong desire to hold a festival of her own. By chance during 2021 Sarah performed at a venue in Devon called Muddifords Court and there the dream started to become a reality when she saw the potential of the beautiful location as a fantastic festival site. The organisation began by deciding on the headliner and then by booking some of the  many talented acts available in the UK. Sarah is learning as she goes with the other parts of the organisation letting her instinct guide her. This will be an exciting new event hopefully annually for the whole Country Music Community and for Devon!

fest pic sarah.jpg
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