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R E V I E W S 

"Brilliant! Go girl!" 
  Shane Richie

Chris Farlie  Feb 2021  Constant Craving

KD Lang has already given her seal of approval to this version, and its easy to see why. Sarah Yeo who did a great job at Midwinterfest some years ago has captured the key elements of the vocal line but has not sought to slavishly follow the instrumentation. In place of the accordion we get an acoustic guitar and gently tinkling piano working in perfect harmony. with some unobtrusive atmospherics added to great effect. Sarah's vocal is clear beautifully sung and yet slightly understated. Rather than going note for note, this is a more personal rendition with Sarah really digging into those lyrics. Though it may never move into full band mode in the way that KD does, it remains a compelling version - and if KD has given it the thumbs up, who are we to disagree?

****  Maverick Magazine 

A lovely collection of songs from a very talented artist.

As soon as the electric guitar bursts into life on The way you make me feel,

the opening track of Sarah Yeo's latest album 'That was Then', you as the 

listener are immediately hooked.

It's not often that the first few seconds of a song can really lock you in, but Yeo has certainly managed that and the rest of the songs don't disappoint

in any way. From the delicate Flying to the comparatively fast paced

what does it matter, Yeo displays how versatile she can be as an artist and captivates you the whole way through this eight track album.

The album closes with a very gentle and emotive offering in Easily that builds

up into a very powerful climax and ultimately caps off a very good album with a hugely impressive track. With excellent Guitar work and most importantly of all, very good songs, this is very much an album that deserves to be heard.

You'll be wishing there were more tracks to get stuck into by the time it comes to an end.

Rob Ramsey

Maverick Magazine Jan/Feb 2019

“Sarah's music is so inspiring and always brings a sweet tear to my face"

"Sarah has such a beautiful tone to her voice and these songs are brilliantly written and produced. Theres got to be a hit there!”

" Nice surprise in the post today, wow! i love the sound and feel in her voice. the melodies, arrangements, keys and guitar work.. it could be a big hit in America. I can hear the Carpenters, Cheryl Crow, the Corrs in parts…"

"My favorite Singer!"   Jim Marshall

"Beautiful voice, I loved it"
    BBC introducing

"A beautiful album, sublime vocals and great songs. This album needs to be heard..."

"This lady oozes pure talent by the bucket load. She is an amazing musician with a very likeable unique voice that i could listen to for hours.

Totally Singsational..!!!"

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